It’s been an intense personal journey for me. Thank you all for following it and taking an interest in my trek, my musings, and my photos. Alas, the issues behind the NoBorderTrek remain, so please keep checking back, since I will occasionally be posting relevant things. (I will also clean up the GPS tracks and let you know how far the trek ultimately was.)

Naturally, the fact that some guy named Phil has walked from Ljubljana to Nice changes absolutely nothing about certain social-political issues; it doesn’t help a single soul. But I’ve had a lot of time to think about migrant and refugee rights and welfare while walking across the mountains and borders from there to here.

Sure, with the money I pledged to donate to Pro Asyl, Medico International, and the Medibüros I hope to make a small positive difference, hopefully slightly more than a symbolic drop in the ocean; and of course I wish to animate others to do similarly. But when I get back home I also intend to begin working on the basis of some thoughts which I had during my trek to ascertain whether there could be something more active that I can personally do to help. For that reason this project and the blog will live on, at least for a while.


In the immediate future, however, I’m happy to have finished the trek slightly faster than originally expected, and to now be able to enjoy a week of relaxation in southern France before normal life begins again…

So until then; à bientôt;

One thought on “Finished

  1. Sebi says:

    Wahnsinn! Respekt und Glückwunsch!!! Dann erhol dich mal ein paar Tage und genieße es, die Füße hochzulegen ;-)
    Schöne Grüße


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