Days 60-61 / La Chalp-Ceillac-Rifugio Campo Base

The pain in my leg hasn’t gotten any better, but it hasn’t gotten worse either, so I’ve continued to make progress these past two days, traversing the entire Queyras National Park, and today reentering Italy. I’m just about a week away from my final destination Nice, so I hope, if I keep going at a reasonable pace; and honestly I’d like to be done sooner rather than later. Although it’s been very windy and last night, spent near Ceillac, was very cold (the third frost night I’ve spent in my tent) the weather has been sunny and dry, conducive to full days of hiking.

Today in particular was a long, tough day, with nearly 30km of distance and nearly 2000m of vertical over two cols; and I’m really tired, having finally reached my destination refuge in Italy shortly before dinner time. Therefore, no big essays or descriptions here; just a bunch of photos showing how gorgeous this corner of the world is!

Camera HDR Studio - 1408539696248

In the Queyras

Camera HDR Studio - 1408614773648  Camera HDR Studio - 1408619640063

Near Montbardon in the Queyras

Camera HDR Studio - 1408626890179

At the funnily named Col Fromage (2301m) (Cheese Pass)

Camera HDR Studio - 1408631147708

Near Ceillac

Camera HDR Studio - 1408701364678

Today: view back North from the Col Tronchet (2661m) to the Écrins and Meije massifs

Camera HDR Studio - 1408716453827

…and once again into Italy; entering the Valle Maira

Good night!

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  1. Clarissa says:

    Pass auf dich auf Philip! Gute letzte Woche und viel Erfolg.


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