The trek so far

Having had access to a computer over the weekend, I’ve been able to clean up and organise all my GPS tracks. Here is a clickable map of the NoBorderTrek, up until 1 August.


Google Maps NoBorderTrek June-July

Click and explore the GPS tracks


Marked are all the places I’ve slept, as well as border crossings, major rivers crossed, peaks ascended, and cols or passes traversed. The tracks are accurate and cleaned up now; where the GPS failed to record, as for instance on days 7 and 8, or recorded inaccurately, I’ve re-traced my steps by hand.

The summary figures listed on the Komoot site are not accurate; there is much double-counting. In fact, the exact distance travelled so far, as I now know, has been 997 km in 43 days of hiking; 23.2 km on average per day. That isn’t very much distance, but the real challenge has been on the vertical dimension: on average 1,075m up (and 1,041m down) per day, for a total of 46,250 metres climbed (44,790 descended) from 17 June to 1 August 2014.

Thanks for following and supporting the trek!


4 thoughts on “The trek so far

  1. Rick says:

    I’m impressed, not just by the hike but by the awesome google maps representation of it :)


  2. PEDDANNA says:

    Dear Brother, I have gone through the GPS. it is really amazing average 23 KM per day you have been covered. You are the inspiration and role model for me. i have feel uneasy to climb Sabarimala around 7.00 KM in Kerala during my Deeksha time. You are rocking. I am praying to Lord Ayyappa to provide you Good Health and Wealth to achieve your goals .Keep it up

    With Best Regards

    Your Brother


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