Day 38 / Flims-Danis

I’m sick and tired of the rain. I wish I could say something more positive, but it’s the truth. Today it rained incessantly again all day. Counting back in my head, in the past four weeks since leaving Slovenia, I’ve had many more days with rain than days without rain: 22 or 23 out of 32 days. Normally the ratio should be at last the other way around. Of course it didn’t rain all day on each one of these days, but very often an afternoon shower or thunderstorm, or the changing weather conditions overnight, got me wet or forced me to sleep indoors.


The Rhine and the rain

According to some Swiss hikers I met a few days ago, this is officially the rainiest July in years; already, even before the end of the month, in some places the wettest in recorded history (fact check: true). Well that’s just my luck. But alas, you can’t choose the weather.


In this region they speak Romansh;I have no idea what the sign says

So today I walked a fast 25 km in just 5 hours, so as to not have to spend too much time outside. Down from the forested plateau of Flims and into the Rhine valley (precisely, that of the Vorderrhein) and westward. Sleeping in a hotel or a b&b in Switzerland is pretty expensive, so I wasn’t very happy about the weather; but suddenly, when in the afternoon I was rushing into a village to find a supermarket before they all closed for the weekend: boom! I found a hostel. The charming “Hostel Autra Causa” in the village of Danis isn’t findable on google maps etc.; a nice little secret, and a lucky find for me.

Have an equally lucky (and less rainy) day!