Day 32 / Lech-Freiburger Hütte

After two lovely days of rest and (belated) birthday celebration in the Lechtal, my trek continues again. Starting from Lech with three friends who wanted to join for one day, I/we followed the Lech river up to its source, the blue Formarinsee. It was an enjoyable, scenic valley hike, luckily untroubled by the forecasted afternoon thunderstorms. We’re spending the night in the Freiburger Hütte (1931m).


Formarinsee and Rote Wand (2704m)

During the two free days, I finally found the time to replace my boots. The pair I had originally bought for the trek did not even last the first month without showing a variety of damage and wear which was rendering them practically unusable by the end; a huge disappointment… and an unexpected extra expense, because I’ve had to buy this new pair now. I’ve sent these old boots back home, and I expect nothing less than a full refund from the manufacturer. Meanwhile, I hope this new pair of Meindl boots, which felt comfortable during today’s first hike in them, will carry me to Nice in one piece!

Have a nice day,