Day 20 / Lizumer Hütte-Glungezerhütte

A bluebird morning, perfect for a long hike over the mountains towards Innsbruck. The trail connecting the Lizumer Hütte with the Glungezerhütte, a refuge perched high above the Inn valley and the city of Innsbruck, requires good weather and dry conditions to be done safely. Given those conditions today, it was a small dream come true.


View along the Seven Summits ridge

The route mostly follows a rocky crest connecting what they locally advertise as the “Seven Tuxer Summits”, the highest of which is Rosenjoch, at nearly 2800m. Hardly worth calling a trail, for the most part this route is just a series of markings showing the way along the narrow rocky arete, which is covered in slate boulders and blocks. In dry conditions this is hardly dangerous going; but it does require sure-footedness, experience, and particularly patience in finding the best way to step, clamber and sometimes jump across the field of blocks, which at times can appear almost labyrinthine.


Through the maze of blocks


The steepest section


The weirdest section; squeezing through the gap

A fierce, blustery Foehn (peaking at wind speeds around 100 kph at Glungezer) blew from the south-west all day, keeping the air cold on the skin, but also keeping the skies clear, with clouds only to the south, around the main chain of the Alps. The panoramic view on display today from this splendid trail ranged from Wilder Kaiser and even the Dachstein massif (I believe) in the East, to the Stubai and Lechtal Alps in the West, and always the rugged limestone Karwendel in the North. It was stunning.


View east, back over the Tuxer Alps


View west, to the Stubai Alps (in the foreground the village of Navis)


View north, to the Karwendel

The staff of the Glungezerhütte includes two Nepali sherpas and a lady from Slovenia who seems delighted to find someone coming from the mountains she knows so well. From here, I can now see my goal for the next week, the northern turning point of my trek: Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak.


Zugspitze on the horizon (with the large snowfield)

Have an equally great day everyone!

3 thoughts on “Day 20 / Lizumer Hütte-Glungezerhütte

  1. Jitske says:

    Hey Phil, stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say I respect what you are trying to do here, hope you’ll raise the awareness this cause deserves! Great pictures, you’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff so far. Wishing you all the best in life,


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