Day 17 / Kasern im Ahrntal-Zillergrund

I guess I’ve become almost a bit like a manic person, because the weather so profoundly affects my emotions. The last days’ clouds, rain and snow made me worry about the way ahead, and put me in a sombre mood. But today’s sunshine and warmth made me just as happy as that Pharell song (perhaps I even felt like a room without a roof?).


Leaving Kasern

Anyhow, I’m enjoying the sun while it lasts. Today I finally crossed the main chain of the Alps, into the northern part of Tyrol, via the strangely named col Hundskehljoch (2557m); approximately meaning “Dog’s Throat Pass” in German.


Up towards the Hundskehljoch

The view from the top was spectacular, and the nature on the other side stunning. All in the warm sunshine. I trek/live for days like this!


View back to yesterday’s ridge; far left is Dreiherrnspitze, in the middle Rötspitze. My col, Umbaltörl, is just left of the small black pyramid-shaped peak at centre-left

The afternoon took me down through the Zillergrund, one of the deep, narrow, sparsely populated valleys that meet at Mayrhofen to form the Zillertal. I’m camping not far from Mayrhofen, my old haunt from when I worked there for a season as a ski instructor.


At the top


On the way down into the Zillergrund



And now, i will end the day with a bit of reading in the tent and perhaps a little shot of the Austrian Marillenschnaps I’ve been carrying…

Have a great day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Day 17 / Kasern im Ahrntal-Zillergrund

  1. Gerhard says:

    Lieber Phil,

    Dir liegt wahrlich die Welt zu Füßen.

    Schade, dass ich Deiner Einladung nicht folgen kann.

    Alles Gute nachträglich wünscht Dir



    • philmader says:

      Danke lieber Gerhard. Im Moment liegt mir nur das Inntal zu Füßen, aber das reicht mir auch! :) Wir sehen uns ja bestimmt bald. Schönen Sommer!


  2. Piach says:

    Hi Phil, what have you been reading so far?


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