Day 16 / Kleine Philipp Reuter Hütte-Kasern im Ahrntal

Last night I slept in a small, unmanned refuge high up in the Venedigergruppe of the Gone Tauern, the highest mountain range in Austria. After a night warmed (somewhat) by the wood in the fireplace, this morning brought me to the biggest hurdle on my trek northward.


Inside the Kleine Philipp Reuter Hütte (2677m)

The main spine of the Alps has a rather complex shape here, with several ridges intersecting at the massif of the Grossvenediger. The challenge for today was to cross the highest of these ridges; the one separating East Tyrol from Italy. The only possible route is via the high and snowy Umbaltörl (2928m), not far above last night’s tiny refuge.


This morning’s view onto the glacier “across the road”

Luckily, the snowfields were already tracked (apparently someone went two days before) and despite the snowy weather with low hanging clouds, the high col was not hard to find, even if the going through deep and heavy snow was strenuous.


The top of this leg of the trek

So that’s done – a great sense of relief, because I know that the highest col which I have to cross on my way north is behind me.


Descent into the Ahrntal

Tonight I’m back on Italian turf, in South Tyrol. The Ahrntal is a small valley which drains southward to the Mediterranean. Tomorrow’s crossing of the watershed back to the Danube’s drainage basin, the actual main Alpine chain, should not be of major concern compared to what now lies behind me. And to make things perfect, while now the rain is pouring outside, from tomorrow on the weather is bound to improve, at least for a few days.


July 2014, so far… Can only get better! (Rötsee, 2450m)

With the roads clear, sunshine ahead, and dry feet, this traveller wishes everyone a great summer!

3 thoughts on “Day 16 / Kleine Philipp Reuter Hütte-Kasern im Ahrntal

  1. Clarissa says:

    Tolle fotos Philip!! I hope the weather will pick up – sending you sunshine, no clouds and no rain!


  2. Beate says:

    die Fotos sind echt der Hammer… machste ein Buch daraus??? Beätle grüsst aus 30 Grad Stuttgart


    • philmader says:

      Danke für allen Support, liebe Beate! Mal sehen, wenn ich zurückkomme, ess ich noch daraus machen will… Vorerst heißt es: weitertrekken! LG aus Mayrhofen


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