Day 7 / Tarvisio-Nassfeld/Pramollo

After an evening of washing stuff, relaxing, and eating a pizza in the Italian town of Tarvisio, I was set up for a long day of trekking up to the pass called Nassfeld/Pramollo on the Italian-Austrian border. There is absolutely nothing between these two places; no village, no refuge, just a lot of wilderness (the alternative being a long march through the valley with a highway, motorway and railroad). So off for a day of “power trekking”: longer strides, shorter beaks, hoping to arrive before the impending thunderstorms in the afternoon/evening!


Heading up into the hills

The direct route to Nassfeld leads through a subalpine range of steep, round-topped hills and deep, forested valleys. Mostly wild, untouched nature. If I understood the signs in Italian correctly, the authorities are enumerating the lynx population in these parts. I didn’t see any lynx; perhaps I should be glad? But I saw its prey, chamois, on multiple occasions!


In the middle of the wilderness

Some storm must have ravaged the trail pretty badly, with landslides having removed the path altogether in a few places. It was very badly marked (despite being an official trail) and evidently used far more often by animals than humans, judging by the tracks. Not easy going.


In the middle of the wilderness, II

Still, all went well until in the afternoon I had the chance to learn two important lessons: 1 if you lose the path, turn back! Instead of getting yourself even more lost. I spent an hour fighting my way through a larch thicket, just as the clouds rolling in around me began to make unsettling thundery noises. That lost hour gave me the chance to learn lesson 2: put on your rain trousers before it starts raining, just in case. Merely half an hour before I reached Nassfeld, the clouds burst so suddenly, I had no more chance to get out my rain stuff. Torrential rainfall soaked me to the bone.


In the middle of the wilderness , III

Arriving wet and cold, the first hotel at Nassfeld/Pramollo was a lucky pick. At the hotel Forcello Gallo, still on the Italian side if the border, they gave this tired trekker a room, a place to dry his things, and an XL (“abondante”) portion of delicious spaghetti Bolognese, all for a very reasonable price. I recommend staying here if ever in the area!

Sadly, once again the GPS app caused me trouble, refusing to save the entire day’s track. So that’s about 40 km lost… Too bad. But thanks for still following!

Have a nice day!