PS: sorry..

… for the sudden barrage of posts! This was due to difficulties with data roaming in Slovenia. But as soon as I reach Austria, where I have a local sim card (thank you Mark!!) I should be able to upload more regularly.

Question/urgent request for advice:

My tent is often horribly wet (inside and outside) in the mornings. Condensation. Like, literally about 1 litre of moisture, inside and outside.

Apart from the nuisance of having to dry it with my towel for half an hour every morning, it is also very bad for my down-filled sleeping bag if it gets wet! I’ve tried sleeping with the tent both open and; it seems to happen either way. Perhaps sleeping near water is a mistake? Or is this inevitable? Does anyone have some advice or experience to share?


7 thoughts on “PS: sorry..

  1. Andreas says:

    Man man, da hast du Dir was vorgenommen.
    Uns macht das sehr viel Spass deine Erlebnisse zu
    Lebe deinen Traum!!!!!
    Andreas, Annett & Tommy


  2. Sebi says:

    Go Phil go!!! :-)


  3. opa Ully says:

    since june 22 we have heard nothing from you.
    we hope you are well.


  4. Hey Phil

    What a fabulous adventure – loving it!

    Regarding the tent issue (not sure whether my desert experience is of much use – however, there is loads of condensation too): It helps to have an additional line of defense like ground cover and some additional plastic lining in the tent – not sure how and where you are going to get those in the middle of nowhere – maybe one of the locals can help out….

    While tributaries and rivers are gorgeous, they will definitely add to the wetness.

    Enjoy and see you very soon!



    • philmader says:

      Amazing, thanks for the insight and advice Annette!

      Condensation in the desert? I am baffled. Anyhow, the fundamental problem seems to be that my tent is single-walled. So your notion of an extra plastic lining inside is intriguing indeed. Perhaps I could hang a sort of second roof into it? (mine has a ground cover) Like a “Himmelbett“…

      I will think about the practicality of that and perhaps try to engineer something the next time I pass a hardware store, which should be in about a week. For now:

      THANK YOU!


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